September 2011

On est capable! On peut se parler en français et on aime ça!

A Message from Raymond Théberge Assistant Deputy Minister Ontario Ministry of Education

The purpose of this series of video clips is to engage French as a Second Language teachers in reflective practice on the topic of improving student proficiency in oral French. While the focus is on authentic, spontaneous, and interactive discourse, viewers will be able to note examples of effective practice in FSL instruction in general, including the establishment of a supportive and respectful class environment in which students are risk-takers, implementation of the principles of Growing Success, explicit teaching of metacognitive skills and opportunities to apply higher-order thinking skills. Teachers comment on strategies they have found to be successful in engaging all students, developing learning autonomy, and improving proficiency in French as a Second Language.

The intended audience is teachers of French Immersion, Extended French, and Core French, school and board level administrators, FSL instructional leaders and coaches. The video clips capture students at various stages of their language acquisition in all FSL programs. While the key messages are illustrated throughout all videos, each one presents unique strategies that could apply to a range of FSL programs and grade levels, therefore, teachers are encouraged to view a variety of videos.