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The purpose of this website is to provide French as a Second Language (FSL) board Leads with relevant information and material for their role as champions of French as a Second Language.

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Idéllo - Français sans Frontières: This webinar provided participants an opportunity to expand on their interpretation of intercultural understanding and discover all the components of the media "Français sans Frontières".

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Introduction: Network and share with other FSL Board Leads across the province in our secure discussion forum. To create a topic or post a reply, please register here.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Mettez en lumière le travail exceptionnel d'un #enseignant et/ou d'un #éducateur! 🤩

Les nominations sont officiellement ouvertes! Vous avez jusqu'au 19 avril pour rendre hommage à ces héros du quotidien!

Plus d'infos ➡️ http://ow.ly/wuU950yiLyK

Hé profs de l'#immersion& #FLS! Souvenez-vous de suggérer quelques excellents livres pour le projet collaboratif du #FSLGRA pour '20-'21. Les choix influenceront la liste sur laquelle on votera ce printemps! Veuillez partager parmi vos collègues!

Our #Tomatosphere seeds are shipping across Canada for spring planting! Have you ordered your seeds yet? Our inquiry-based project is a free, out-of-this-world learning experience for educators! Order seeds and explore our K-12 resources to get started http://ow.ly/Osyz50yjR9v 🍅