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The purpose of this website is to provide French as a Second Language (FSL) board Leads with relevant information and material for their role as champions of French as a Second Language.

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Andrea Vogan (FSL Instructional Program Leader, Halton DSB) presented this session on assessment strategies in FSL.

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Introduction: Network and share with other FSL Board Leads across the province in our secure discussion forum. To create a topic or post a reply, please register here.

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‼️Aujourd'hui! Session d’information sur le recrutement des Moniteurs de langues!
✅Inscrivez-vous auprès du @CentrefrancoT ci-dessous👇
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Denis partage son secret : Le secret est de placer l’action et la parole au cœur de notre planification, et ce, à tous les niveaux d’enseignement.