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Oct/19/22 @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm EDT

FSL Virtual Learning Series 2022: De-streaming in FSL


Carlo Di Rienzo,
FSL Consultant, YCDSB

Carlo’s extensive work in both French Immersion and Core French has helped support and improve student achievement in both the elementary and secondary grades. Authentic tasks, evaluation and a sample lesson will be part of the presentation. In many ways, destreaming in FSL was already happening before it became official. Carlo has also presented on Supporting school administrators in FSL, which was part of the 2020 learning series.

As de-streaming is introduced in FSL, we can start to see its benefits within a French-speaking classroom. Research shows that de-streaming results in better outcomes for all students and particularly for those who are from marginalized communities. De-streaming in the FSL classroom is a representation of an authentic real-life situation in which students of all levels will be communicating with each other. In other words, de-streaming allows students the opportunity to spontaneously interact with many different peers. Join us as we look at activities and tasks that are CEFR inspired and useful in the de-streamed FSL classroom.

This webinar is intended for French-language teachers and will be delivered in English.

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