Sites to Bookmark

Click the links below to visit other key FSL websites.

  1. Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association (OMLTA)
    A provincial organization that supports French as a Second Language and International Languages teachers through professional development resources and experiences.
  2. Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT)
    A Canadian association dedicated to supporting second language teachers. The phrase “second languages” encompasses both official and international languages.
  3. Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers (CAIT)
    A professional organization that contributes to the promotion and development of a bilingual Canada by connecting French immersions educators.
  4. Ontario CEFR initiatives
    Professional learning material from CEFR provincial initiatives with Ontario’s English-language school boards, to support effective planning, instruction and assessment in FSL programs.
  5. French Street
    French Street® is a searchable database that provides French activities, programs and more to enhance the FSL experience in the classroom and in the community.
  6. Ministry of Education – Ontario
    French as a Second Language webpage on the Ontario Ministry of Education website. 
  7. Destination DELF Ontario
    A website geared preparing students and families for the DELF.