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    Hi everyone,

    First a big thank you to Transforming FSL for providing this place for discussion and sharing.

    Our Board’s DELF scores last year were weakest in the oral comprehension tasks, so one of our goals this year is to provide teachers with access to more authentic oral tasks that they can use in the classroom – beyond the traditional DELF practice tasks.

    I am interested what other teachers in the province are using to engage students in listening tasks that are:
    – engaging
    – challenging (but not too challenging)
    – authentic
    – age appropriate

    To get the conversation started I will share that some of our teachers are starting to use the series “Adomania” from TV5 Monde: https://enseigner.tv5monde.com/fiches-pedagogiques-fle/adomania-vies-de-collegiens

    As a second part to this question, I am wondering if people are willing to share some of the best practices that are happening in going from listening activities like this to interaction activities.

    Merci tout le monde!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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