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FSL Provincial Principal Focus Group

FSL Teacher Retention Webinar

A live online event hosted by principals for principals.

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About The Webinar

On March 27, join your principal colleagues from across Ontario for a live webinar event!

During this session, hosted by principals for principals, we will discuss FSL Teacher Retention.

There are two time slots: 10:00 am for a Core French Focus or 5:00 pm for a French Immersion/Extended Focus.

These 40 minute webinars:

Participants of the live event will receive free bonus materials. Follow #FSLOntarioLeaders on Twitter for more updates.

Please register by March 23, 2018.

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Introductory Videos

For the best webinar experience, please watch the below video content in advance of the event on March 27.

1. Introduction

Validation of the challenges surrounding teacher supply in Ontario and an overview of what to expect from the webinar on March 27th.

2. Short-Term Supports

In the webinar on March 27, we will address teacher supply and demand concerns, including what can be done to retain FSL teachers and how we, as school administrators, can help prepare future teachers.

3. Integrative Thinking

In the upcoming webinar, we will use integrative thinking to explore concrete, practical solutions for challenges associated with FSL teacher supply and retention.

4. Principal Supports

In anticipation of the upcoming web conference, we would like to share with you in advance some exciting new resources aligned with the challenges FSL teachers are facing.

5. Professional Learning For FSL Teachers

This video offers some additional information regarding professional learning opportunities for FSL teachers.

6. Professional Associations for FSL Teachers

This video provides additional information regarding professional associations for principals to share with their FSL teachers.

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